Alpha DarkSide Review


A simple and clean cut bunch of ingredients, thought it does also contain two ingredients that I don't believe need to be in it.


Well dosed, with 250mg of what can only be described as heart pounding legal dynamite. You are getting some nicely dosed ingredients in this pre workout. 


An absolute steal. Even if you use it as a backup pre workout or use it on occasion, this thing will last you months.


It makes you feel like you are about to explode, but in a good way? Sadly, it has a very particular taste, so if you like pre workouts that taste like cherry and grapes, you are out of luck.


A well priced and very effective pre workout, the only downside is the taste (and on occasion very weird feelings of a lot of stim). 

  • a simple and effective ingredients profile
  • it's Hard Hitting
  • Seriously, it hits hard
  • a cracking price
  • a unique taste
  • not all ingredients are needed (in my opinion)

This pre workout, really caught my attention a few weeks ago. 

A guy called The Supplement Review did an interview with the owner of Alpha Nutrition, and he claimed it as the hardest hitting pre workout.

Now that gets claimed a lot, by everyone. Seriously I know a few companies who claim it (but can never back it up..even with awful ingredients).

But something about this product caught my attention. 

Is it the neon LSD dog on the front, or is the fact it is only 5grams a serving and only 7 ingredients. 

Now, 5grams is a VERY small amount for a pre-workout, compared to ones such as Pre-Jym that reckons they have 24grams of pure happiness in their pre-workout. 

Ingredients - What's Inside?

As above, Alpha Darkside only has 7 ingredients, so let's hope that these ingredients pack a punch. 

Each scoop is 5grams, and they recommend that you can have up to 7grams in total, or a scoop and a half. And to be honest, that's not a bad warning to heed.


(per serving)


1,600 mg

Beetroot Nitrate

500 mg

 Caffeine Anhydrous 

250 mg

Kigelia Africana (95% Potency)

250 mg


240 mg

Panax Ginseng

75 mg

Citrus Aurantium

45 mg

Now you have seen the doses, lets get down to what they all do. 

First up, you have 1,600mg of Taurine (pretty much a staple in pre-workouts), sitting around the bottom end of the clinical dosages.

Taurine works synergestically with caffeine.

Helping to improve flood flow and helping to bring nutrients towards your muscle, as well as bringing on a 'sense of well being'.

Also used as a nervous system suppressant (removing that jittery feeling for you).

A lot of research is being conducted about nitrate taken from leafy vegetables, including beetroot. Nitrate itself is useful as its converted into Nitric Oxide once consumed.  

This new Nitric Oxide acts as a vasodilator, allowing more blood and oxygen through your system (it helps counter the effects of Caffeine).

Currently studies suggest that between 300 - 600mg may be the optimal doses, but again more research is needed.  It's  great that its been added into this mix. 

As you can see from the list, the staple to pre workouts, is the good ol' Caffeine! Not too highly dosed, at only 250mg (considering I have seen and had pre workouts with 400 - 500mg per dose) it does allow you to have that 1.5dose. 

Now, we get into the interesting ingredients within this Alpha Darkside prewokout. 

Kigelia Africana is currently being added too a few, select pre workouts. The actual extrat is taken from a Kigelia tree, surprisingly found in Africa! 

So what is this stuff?

Well, it's actually the natural version of 'DMHA' the slightly hazy, little sister of DMAA.  

If you have had synthetic DMAA or DMHA (before it was removed from our lives..) then you will know it will hit you like a ten ton truck. 

Welcome to the ten ton trucks big brother, the natural version, this stuff is the real deal and holy mother of sweet baby jesus, it hits you hard.

Smacking 250mg of this legal dynamite, this is twice the amount that most DMAA or DMHA pre workouts have in them, and it's been reported it could potentially be twice as potent. So you do the maths. 

Anyway, moving on from the vegan death powder.

Next up we have Guarana!

What's that I hear you cry? 

Natural caffeine, essentially.

The Guarana seed is used by companies to add a little more caffeine into the mix, just under a different name.

Moving onto the next ingredient with a funky name Panax Ginseng. This is another plant extract, this time found within the Korean Panax Ginseng plant. 

This extract is usually used to help with stress or anxiety. And it looks to have been added into this pre workout as a mood enhancer. 

There is currently no 'optimal' dosage, but it seems to be working in this little fire cracker. 

And finally, we have the Citrus Aurantium, or Bitter Orange if you want the other variation of it's name. 

Mainly used as a appetite suppressant, it was hailed as the Ephedra free weight loss supplement. 

There is little evidence into the effects of Citrus Aurantium and some studies have started to show it may have the same side effects of Ephedra, so it's one to keep your eye on over the next few years. 

To be honest, I don't really see the point in appetite suppressants in pre workouts. 

Ingredients Verdict

It has a few ingredients that in my eyes are not needed!

But, it does have one special ingredient. Kigelia Africana is definitely doing it's job

Pricing (Plus Price Per Serving)

Alpha Darkside, or as I currently call it,  Alpha 'my heart is racing like a nutter' Darkside (less catchy though) is around £30 in the UK (including shipping) and that's for a 50 serving tub. 

Even if you dose this up to 7.5grams and only get 33 doses out of this, you are paying between £0.60 - £0.90 so that's a pretty good price.

Considering you are advised not to take this more than 5 days in a week, and you need a day or two off it, 50 servings is going to last you the best part of 2 - 3 months if you are sensible with it. 

Value Verdict

It's £30 for 50 servings. What more do you want? 

How Does It Feel & Taste?

I have always said that feeling and taste is subjective.

How it makes me feel or how I think it tastes, is not the same as you. But hey, people want opinions, so here is mine!

It tastes awful. Seriously.

Kigeli Africana is better as hell (and so is bitter orange, go figure!)

It leaves you looking a bit like this after tasting it. 

But hey, shot it back or use less water so you get it over with quickly, and you will be fine. 

As for the feeling? 

With all my pre workouts, I do take the standard dose to see how it stacks up and I have to admit the first time I tried it, I got nothing.

Which is why I like to use it a few times before putting fingers to keyboard. 

The next few times I gulped this titan down, I felt like someone had taken me down the M11 in an R8 and forgot to my put seatbelt on. 

It kicks in after about 20 minutes or so (though once it took an hour to kick in..) and it did not stop. 

I could still feel the stuff going round my system 2 or 3 hours later and my heart rate was sitting at a nice 120bpm.

Usually it sits at 65 - 70. 

This stuff was insane. 

Now I never get that 'one last rep feeling' with pre workouts, but I do get the 'I am laser focused and must now complete this workout quicker than the SAS.' kind of feeling. 

I can comfortably have 1.5 scoops, as long as I don't do it on an empty stomach and I have 1.5litres of water about 30minutes after having it.

With the 1.5scoops I will still feel the rush after a good few hours, I can still focus really well and I feel like something is rushing through my veins on occasion. 

I once upped it to 10grams, a little out of doubt because 5grams did very little, and I regretted it. I felt awful. 

So boys and girls (over 18 of course) don't do 2 scoops. You have been warned. 

Taste & Feeling

It tastes awful, but it really does hit you hard. 

Final Verdict

If you are a true Stim Junkie, and you want to try something a little different from the normal run of the mill BlackStone Labs or whatever you get from then give this stuff a try. 

They are a fairly unknown brand, and I quite like that. 

They have come out of the dark, smacked me in the side of the head like a punch from The Hulk and then got back into their dark neon lit cave. 

It's a well dosed, very high stim pre workout, that yes, tastes like the underside of a gone-off Aldi cola bottle sweet, but it does exactly what it says it will do. 

For me, I would recommend it, but  I would also recommend taking 1/2 a scoop first...especially if this is your first time venturing into the heavy stim stuff, else you might think the world is about to explode! 

Alpha Darkside


Ingredients Profile


Overall Effect


Cost Per Dosage


Flavour Profile



  • Good Ingredients Profile
  • It Hits Hard
  • Seriously, It Hits Hard
  • Really Good Cost


  • It Tastes Awful
  • Some Ingredients Are Not Needed (in my opinion)

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  1. This is more useful information than I can find anywhere else. Most places just say if it’s good or not.. you go so in-depth!

  2. Hello brother, thanks for this write up. I enjoyed it. I am not sure which item to go going to keeep looking through the whole website!

  3. Tried this with half a scoop felt good so next time used over one ,well I advise not it does what it says without been foolish with extra ,it spooked and spoiled my day ,my fault but does it work ,yes have never felt a rush like you get from this Brilliant but take the advice given

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