The Stim Junkie

A normal every day guy, who quite enjoys trying out new pre workouts and seeing just how effective they are. I got fed up of seeing 'the strongest pre workout on the market' on every tub, so I decided it was time to start seeing how well they live up to their claims. I am, The Stim Junkie!

Grenade ENERGY Review

Grenade Energy Review Summary;IngredientYou get the 150mg of caffeine that is pretty standard within these energy drinks. Just ignore the pointless BCAAS.dosageFor an energy drink, the dosage is fine, with 150mg caffeine per 1 canPRICINGRoughly £1.50 per can. Pretty standard for most energy drinks, you can get ones for cheaper, especially home brand energy drinks. TASTE …

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Sneak Energy Review - Sneak Image

Sneak Gamer Energy

Sneak Energy Review Summary;IngredientTo be fair, if you want standard energy, you have it.dosageA lot of it is under-dosed, sadly.PRICINGNot a bad cost per serving.TASTE & FEELSome pretty decent flavours! Pros It does do the one thing it needs to do, provided energy.Having vits and minerals is not a bad idea, especially with certain target …

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Gold Standard Pre Workout Review

Gold Standard Pre Workout ReviewIngredientIt has a small dose of CaffeinedosageUgh, they didn’t even get Creatine dosed correctly. PRICINGYeah, cheap.TASTE & FEELAtlantis wants their sea scrolls back..where did this favour come from? Pros It’s Cheap Cons Underdosed on nearly every ingredient  Conclusion:Welcome to the dark ages when ON decided they couldn’t be bothered to actually make …

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Purge Pre V2 Review

Purge Pre V2 Review Summary;Ingredients16 different ingredients, a few unknown, but all the standard ones are well dosed. dosageAs before, the ingredients that you can understand or find information on are all clinically dosed. PRICINGPretty standard price for most mid level pre workouts.TASTE & FEELA nice effect, more euphoric at times, but it did on occasion provide …

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