The Stim Junkie

A normal every day guy, who quite enjoys trying out new pre workouts and seeing just how effective they are. I got fed up of seeing 'the strongest pre workout on the market' on every tub, so I decided it was time to start seeing how well they live up to their claims. I am, The Stim Junkie!

Purge Pre V2 Review

Purge Pre V2 Review Summary;Ingredients16 different ingredients, a few unknown, but all the standard ones are well dosed. dosageAs before, the ingredients that you can understand or find information on are all clinically dosed. PRICINGPretty standard price for most mid level pre workouts.TASTE & FEELA nice effect, more euphoric at times, but it did on occasion provide …

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Spazmatic Pre workout

Spazmatic Review

Spazmatic Pre Workout Review Summary;IngredientsA pretty standard profile for a normal pre workout.  With 3 questionable ingredients that may or may not work. dosageFor the ingredients that are known to work, the dosage was fine. PRICINGPretty standard price for most mid level pre workouts.TASTE & FEELStupid names, and sadly not a noticeable effect. For something with 500mg …

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BuckedUp Woke AF Review

IngredientsHas some ingredients I have never tried before. dosageWell dosed across most ingredients! Only Taurine looks to be under dosedPRICINGPretty standard price for more premium style pre workouts.TASTE & FEELStupid names, but I can’t fault them for that!Summary: A very nice pre workout that you can feel kicking in, it’s at the higher end of prices, but …

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Warrior Rage Review

IngredientsSome staple ingredients such as Taurine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine.dosageCaffeine is the main stimulant and is dosed correctly. The rest falls short of the mark.PRICINGIt’s cheap.TASTE & FEELTastes really nice and you do get some results from it, but farm from the hype. Summary: A cheap pre workout that does taste really nice. You get a good …

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Performance Charge Review

IngredientsSome staple ingredients such as Taurine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine. On paper it sounds well rounded.  dosageThe main ingredient in here is the caffeine, with a decent amount and possibly some beta-alanine that might be dosed well..who knows. PRICINGIt’s cheap.TASTE & FEELTastes really nice, no obvious ‘feel’ and really can’t tell it has beta-alanine in it. Summary: A cheap …

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