BuckedUp Pre Workout Review


A pretty standard profile for a normal pre workout. Nothing that stands out except the Deer Antler!


Under dosed on Taurine and Beta Alanine. 


Pretty standard price for most mid level pre workouts.


Stupid names, and sadly not a noticeable effect - This is not a high stim pre workout, so this may be the reason it had no effect on me.


If you are a after a mid level pre workout, and you are not into high stim pre workouts, this way work well for you. For me it was just not as good as the WokeAF stim version.

  • A pretty standard ingredients list for pre workouts
  • No visbile crash
  • Lovely Taste!
  • Low dose of Taurine and Beta Alanine.
  • No noticeable change in energy, mood or feeling!

For those who might have read the Woke AF review, then this one may seem a bit like Da-ja-Vu, and that's because original BuckedUp is basically the same product, with a few of the Woke AF ingredeients removed, so that normal people can enjoy their day and not feel like they are about to spend the day in a 90's rave club. Welcome, to the Bucked Up Review.

Again, as I said before, I had never heard of Woke AF or even BuckedUp, but now that the Instragram account is a bit more active, the adverts for different pre workouts is becoming a bit more noticeable and one of the main reasons more obscure and interesting products are now appearing on this site!

BuckedUp is an American Supplement brand, actually owned by DAS Labs, who look like they have a number of different brands under them, they recently created a UK based version of their site, hence the how I was able to get my hands on the samples of BuckedUp and Woke AF.

Ingredients - What's Inside?

A simple set of ingredients, with 8 active ingredients, and a serving size of just under 10g. 



Citrulline Mallate

6,000 mg


2,000 mg

Caffeine (Anhydrous)

200 mg

AlphaSize - Alpha GPC

200 mg


100 mg

Deer Antler Velvet Extract (Now you can see why the name works)

50 mg


25 mg


25 mg

Cast your mind back about 3 minutes, and you will remember that I said that WokeAF was actually a more enhanced version of BuckedUp, so you will notice most of the ingredients are the same, with roughly the same dosages. 

The big issue I have right off the bat, is the fact that BuckedUp either reduced the BetaAlanine (or more likely increased it for Woke AF) and really, they should have stuck with that higher levels. 2g is not properly dosed. 


Citrulline is usually used to help with blood flow and elevating your nitric oxide levels, again another staple when it comes to pre workouts with high amounts of caffeine or any ingredients that restrict blood flow. 

A whopping 6grams of the stuff is found in here, fully dosed too the hilt! High five the full clinical dose has been added.


Beta Alanine has been linked to removing lactic acid, as well as extending how long it takes for you to become exhausted.  

Studies have shown that 3,200+ mg is the clinical dose.

Unlike WokeAF, BuckedUp has Bucked the trend and decided to under dosed this by around 50%. And you can tell. 

Caffeine (Anhydrous)

Not a huge dose of Caffeine, the 200mg does mean if you are having an off day you can double scoop this (or 1.5 scoop it) though you want to be a little careful of having too much Citrulline (though I have never heard of someone over dosing..)

Not much more to say on this, 200mg is a decent amount for most standard pre workouts, even some fake 'high stim' pre workouts have less than this! 

Alpha GPC (Alphasize)

I love it when we get trademark names for products!

Alpha GPC, is a lovely little nootropic, designed to help you focus, and to become that god like creature in the gym that doesn't notice anyone else! 

Found in other products such as StimmuMax​, it is actually classed as a growth hormone (I never knew that!)

If you fancy reading more about AlphaSize, you can read it straight from the horses mouth.


Helping to improve flood flow and helping to bring nutrients towards your muscle, as well as bringing on a 'sense of well being'.

Recommended dosage for Taurine sits at 1,000mg, this does not come close.. but to be fair, you don't actually notice that it's not there, but that might be down too the higher tolerance to stim than most people, so someone who may not take pre workout regularly or is more susceptible to stimulants or caffeine may notice the lack of Taurine.

Deer Antler Velvet

Yes, you read that write, and this is the reason I love the fact they have used bucked up and also the magestic stag on their branding, it just works. 

Supposedly used as a source of IGFs, particularly 1 & 2, or Insulin Like Growth Factor, having an anabolic effect in adults. 

Essentially helping you get in those gains, while you smash through a workout. 

Always helpful. 

It can also help with recovery and growth of the muscle tissue and helps with those pesky clicky joints. 

I have never seen it in a pre-workout, but it's thanks to those clever Chinese medicine men that we have the joys of it in this pre workout. 

Astragin / Actigin

I am sorry to say,. they have not included actual gin in this pre workout, could have made for an interesting review, yep I kept this joke and image in both reviews, sue me. 

First up, Astragin, this ingredient has started to be included with Cirtulline, as it helps with its absorption, and doesn't require a large dose. Good job it's here, because we have 6grams of Citrulline to try and absorb! 

And to finish this section, Acitigin, come on it really does sound like it's a badly made cocktail, but no, its added to help oxygen intake, again used in conjunction with nitrogen boosting ingredients can have a positive effect. 

Ingredients Verdict

The under dosing of Beta Alanine and again the lower dose of Taurine sadly lowers the score on this one.

Pricing (Plus Price Per Serving)

Woke AF will set you back £34.99 for 30 servings. 

So giving you £1.16 a serving, I would actually argue that the Stimmed version of this is actually better. 

You get a lot more for the price. This one could be dropped down to £30 and it would feel like a better price.

Pricing Verdict

It's not a bad price, but for £5 more you could get the stimmed version and that's a better product with better doses.

How Does It Taste And Feel?

I grabbed two flavours when I got the sample packs from them, picking up Blood Raz (Rasberry...) and again Grape Gainz. 

I still find names like this cringey, but that's personal opinion. 

As with the WokeAF flavours, they both taste amazing and mix really well. 

But, who cares about the taste! As long as it doesn't taste like a peppery mess I don't really mind what the fake flavour is meant to be!

Onto the bit that really matters, does it work, or has it got any noticeable effect. 

Sadly no. 

This is partly down to the fact the Beta Alanine is under dosed, so you really can't tell it's there unlike other pre workouts and partly down to the fact this is not aimed at people who are used to stupidly high StimJunkie like me! 

As such, I am going to send a few of these samples off to a few others to get their opinion on this and then update this review in the future.

I would probably need to double scoop this particular product to get the full effect of this.

Taste & Feeling Verdict

They taste really nice, but the overall effect is some what lacking. 

Final Verdict

I really enjoy the brand and I think the flavours of BuckedUp are brilliant, but this particular pre workout doesn't quite have the same ingredients or effect as the higher stim version. 

If you don't like high stim, then I would recommend giving the sample packs a try and see if they work for you. 

On a final note, I will be keeping an eye out on these guys and I will be giving their Nootropic version a go sometime in the future. 



Ingredients Profile


Overall Effect


Cost Per Dosage


Flavour Profile



  • Taste Really Nice
  • Good Ingredients Profile On Paper
  • Not Too Costly For A Pre Workout


  • Two Underdosed Ingredients
  • No Visible Change In Feeling

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  1. For this review I decided to go with the Blood Raz flavor. It tasted suprisingly good, I had absolutely no problem with downing a glass of this pre workout.

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