Freak Power Pre Workout Review

Freak Power Pre Workout Review Summary;


You do get 300mg of caffeine. It's a fairly standard ingredients list.  


You will need to double scoop this to ensure you get the right ingredients levels. 


You will pay £1 per dose, and around £20 per tub. Not the worst, but you can find better for the same cost-per-dosage. 


It tastes fine, there are no complaints here. Plus, you will feel something from the caffeine and beta-alanine. 


  • It's a pretty standard, cheap pre workout
  • Tastes fine
  • The mix of caffeine and beta-alanine will at least offer you a decent workout. 


  • Pointless having the single dose
  • You can pay the same amount for better dosed pre-workouts, or ones with more ingredients. 

 If you are running low on pre-workout, and you need some say on next day delivery, then it's not a bad offer. But realise you will be 'double scooping' this to hit the recommended dosages. 

During the great pre workout draught of 2022, it was difficult to find any decent, new pre-workouts, especially ones that seem to be in stock. 

While on the search, we stumbled upon 'Freak Athletics - Freak Power'. A reasonably rated powerhouse' pre workout, that claimed to offer 

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Pump
  • Performance

With those claims, and the fact the company claims to offer the highest quality supplements on the market, we knew we had to give it a try.

As such, let's dive into this Freak Power Pre Workout Review and see what they have to offer, and see if it's a product you should be throwing in your gym bag. 

Ingredients - What's Inside?

It's worth noting, these guys offer 2 different serving sizes, depending on what you determine your tolerance to be, as such we will throw both ingredients levels to make it easy to see. Though they are essentially just doubled. 

In total, there are 7 'active' ingredients, designed to help you achieve the 4 outcomes state above. But, are of these 7 ingredients useful, or correctly dosed? 


Power Scoop (8 Gram Serving)

Freak Power Scoop (16 Gram Serving)

L Citrulline

3,000 mg

6,000 mg

Beta Alanine

1,600 mg

3,200 mg

Betaine Anhydrous

1,000 mg

2,000 mg


500 mg

1,000 mg

L Tyrosine

500 mg

1,000 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous

150 mg

300 mg

Huperzine A

0.024 mg

0.048 mg

Looking at this ingredient list from a high level point of view, there is nothing that jumps out and declares this a revolutionary pre-workout. It has a lot of the standard ingredients that you would find in the run of the mill pre workout, so we will run through the ingredients dosages and see where they stand.  


Both types of Citrulline are usually used to help with blood flow and elevating your nitric oxide levels, again another staple when it comes to pre workouts with high amounts of caffeine or any ingredients that restrict blood flow. 

As per usual, the fight between L-Citrulline and Citrulline Malate will constantly carry on, and we will stand on the sidelines. 

Studies do show that at least 6,000 mg is the lower end of clinical dosages, with some stating that 8,000 mg is your optimal amount.

If you are running the power scoop, this is not hitting the sides. 


A staple of most pre-workouts, due to its fairly well studied properties. A lot of people hate Beta-Alanine, due to the feeling that you are being attacked by ants. Beta Alanine has been linked to removing lactic acid, as well as extending how long it takes for you to become exhausted.  

Studies have shown that 3,200+ mg is the clinical dose. Again, as before, if you are just having 1 scoop, you are not going to be hitting the numbers. 

Betaine Anhydrous

There is some, minimal research currently that suggests it can improve aspects of performance, including strength. But, only in those actually doing strength training. 

There are no recommended dosages, mainly as this is particular compound hasn't been studied enough. 


Any products that contain high levels of caffeine, will want to have Taurine in it. It helps to reduce the effects of crashes, jitters and shakes that caffeine can bring about. 


You will find this ingredient in a lot of pre-workouts. Added to help with alertness, as well as increasing stamina and general performance. 

As I have said in other reviews, Tyrosine is being looked into more in recent years and has been shown to increase alertness and under certain conditions improve your mental performance. A bit like a nootropic ingredient. 

The optimal dosages looks to be around 500mg. So you will accomplish the amount needed with the smaller scoop. 


Depending on your tolerance with caffeine, the dosage in this may be a little low. Most standard energy drinks will provide 100 - 150mg, which is the same as the standard dose. Essentially giving you a buzz. 

If you want an additional hit, then a double scoop will of course provide you with 300mg. This isn't a crazy amount, we have seen a lot more, and Stim Junkies may see this as 'meh'. 


Currently little, to no evidence that this is effective across single workouts, though I found one paper that stated it had been used in a study for Alzheimers and may help improve memory. 

Ingredients Verdict

A pretty standard pre-workout ingredients list. Sadly with a few items under-dosed, and nothing that jumps out and hits you in your stimy face. If you just want a little kick, then the double scoop will at least give you the right dosages. 

Pricing (Plus Price Per Serving)

As with a lot of pre-workouts that you can find online, this one hovers around £20 for a 20/40 serving tub. Is this the most expensive pre workout ever? No, far from it, but you are going to want to be taking 2 scoops to hit the recommended dosages required to see results.

As such you will be paying £1 per dose, and each tub will only last 20 servings. A lot of people buy this thinking they are paying 50p per serving and that the 40 dosed serving size will be more than enough.

Sadly not. 

Pricing Verdict

At £1 per serving, there are better pre-workouts for that price point. Including ones with a much better ingredients profile. 

How Does It Taste And Feel?

I grabbed the tropical flavour version, as I have found that strawberry is usually a bit too chemically. 

To be honest, it tastes perfectly fine. It mixes well with water and you do feel like you are drinking a cheap version of Lilt or something similar.

I did of course double scoop this each time, to try and get anything out of this pre-workout. You will of course start to feel the beta-alanine kick in around 15-20mins (or quicker if you are not used too it) and the 300mg of caffeine starts to focus you a little around the same time. 

Taste Verdict

The taste is perfectly fine, and the caffeine and beta-alanine does kick in, though the effects don't last a lot longer than around 30 - 40minutes and then it just vanishes. 

Final Verdict

If we are being honest, this pre-workout is sold as a cheap, 40 serving product, that in reality is only 20 servings. The single dose doesn't provide you with the recommended dosages, so in essence is pointless. You need to have the 2 scoops to be hitting those numbers. 

If you are lacking pre-workout, and can't find anything else, then you can of course grab this on next day delivery that helps, but there are still better products out there. 

Freak Power


ingredients profile


overall effect


cost per dosage


flavour profile



  • Tastes Nice
  • It Is Semi Cheap & On Next Day Delivery
  • Some Properly Dosed Ingredients


  • Nothing Really Jumps Out In Terms Of Ingredients
  • There Are Other Products For The Same Cost Per Dose

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