Moose Juice Energy Shot Review

Moose Juice Energy Shot Review Summary;


Pretty simple ingredients list, this is not meant to cater for high stim pre workout lovers!


Caffeiene is well dosed, that is about it. 


A little more pricey than a standard dosage (very expensive if you need 2!)


They do taste amazing, and they do provide a little boost in energy, but they are not designed for high stim junkies. 


  • Convenient to have as a back up
  • A little more oompth than an energy drink alone
  • they are quite tasty


  • Nothing that exciting in them that jumps out
  • a little under dosed on taurine and no extra stim other than Caffeine 
  • they can be expensive, and most energy drinks are cheaper

Not a bad replacement for a pre workout, especially if you dont want to carry around large tubs, they provide a little more in terms of 'pow' than a standard energy drink, with a little more caffeine and ingredients such as Choline & L-Tyrosine to boost your workout. 

I have been on the look out for some more convenient pre workout alternatives recently, due to working away from home a little more, and not wanting to carry around the 30 serving tubs of pre workout.

The other option is to carry sandwich bags of white or blue powder in my bags and hope that I don't get stopped...but I feel that's pushing my luck in this day and age. So I stumbled upon the Moose Juice Energy Shots, (a smaller more concentrated version of the Moose Juice Extreme Energy drinks that you can buy) and I thought I would give it a go!

So today we will increase our plastic wastage, possible kill a pigeon and also see if these little pot shots can help you become a true Moose on the loose. Sorry. 

Ingredients - What's Inside?

The ingredients list in these shots is quite simple, they are only 60ml so it really doesn't have a ton of room to throw in lots of different ingredients, plus they waste some of the space on BCAAs.

There are 11 different ingredients (including 3 Vitamins & all the BCAA's thrown under one section). 


Dosage 1 Scoop

BCAA 2:1:1



300 mg


250 mg


200 mg

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

100 mg


1.75 mg


40 mg

Vitamin B6


Vitamin B3


Vitamin B12


Folic Acid


As you can see, there are 6 'core' ingredients, i.e ones you tend to see time and time again within pre-workouts or shall we say energy drinks in this particular case. 

Best get on with explaining a few of these ingredients!

BCAA - 2:1:1

The BCAA section within this is made up of L-LEUCINE, L-ISOLEUCINE, L-VALNE. Together they make up 500mg as part of this pre workout energy shot. 


D-Glucuronolactone is found within energy drinks, if you ever decide to read the labelling on them, it's added into energy drinks as a an addition to Taurine and Caffeine and have been shown (though still no decent studies exist) that together they can increase alertness and energy, though again, caffeine has been shown to do that on it's own. 

Dosage is currently up for debate, with some studies suggesting 1 - 3grams would be sufficient, or 500mg+ if used in conjunction with other ingredients such as Caffeine or Taurine. 

The Moose Juice Energy Shot comes in under that dosage, and is even half the dose of a Red Bull (has around 600mg).


Helping to improve flood flow and helping to bring nutrients towards your muscle, as well as bringing on a 'sense of well being'.

Recommended dosage for Taurine sits at 1,000mg, great, glad we get 250mg in this energy shot..


Energy Drinks & Pre Workouts alike (at least stim ones) are always going to have Caffeine, so are fancy and throw in 29 different types of Caffeine, others like Moose Juice Energy Shot just stick to good ol' standard Caffeine Anhydrous.

The 200mg within this little fella is not going to make you go crazy, but it might give those who only have a coffee before a workout a little boost.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-carnitine L-tartrate is commonly added to sports supplements due to its rapid absorption rate. It may aid muscle soreness and recovery in exercise.

Dosages up to 2grams per day can be tolerated, though long term effects are unknown currently. 

The 100mg you get within this probably wont touch the sides and definitely means you wont get near that 2,000mg a day limit. 


Choline is added to some pre workouts to help with inflammation, giving you the ability to crack on with your workout for a little longer. 

Not a ton of research, and no clinical dosages given, so currently it's a bit of a 'add some and see what happens'


Added to pre workouts, and energy drinks to help with stamina and energy. 

I have said in other reviews that Tyrosine is still being studied, with the average dose being between 100 - 500mg, showing signs that you do indeed get an increase in alertness and an increase in mental performance.

The issue faced, is that this bottle contains half that dosage. 

That's the bottle, minus the Vitamin B6,3 and 12, which can be 'natural energy boosters', and to be honest, it's not that brilliant.

Ingredients Verdict

The caffeine is the only ingredient within this that you can class as optimal dosage, with the majority of it under dosed or 'not even close to under dosed'. 

Pricing (Plus Price Per Serving)

Each shot, or bottle will on average set you back around £1.30 - £1.80, if you want the decent hit with these then you will possibly want to double these up, which will push you towards 400mg caffeine, so the choice is yours. 

Pricing Verdict

For the average user, then the single shot may be enough, as long as you ignore the other stuff, but really it's a high price for convenience. 

How Does It Taste And Feel?

The 'what flavour will James taste today' wheel has been spun, and his lucky shot was.... Rainbow Candy!

The taste itself, was quite nice. It's always pleasant when companies provide different flavours from your standard Strawberry, Berry, Lemon & Lime and bog standard chemical. Oh, we nearly forgot 'energy flavour'...with the very familiar red & blue colour scheme across the name.

I have never been much of a fan of the shots, especially after having ones such as Little Dragon in the past, as they always have a sickly sweet taste and come out quite gloopy. 

This one felt a lot more like a drink, but still had a very sweet taste. 

As for the actual feeling or effect, you can probably guess. 

Beyond a little boost in energy, it didn't really do much more. 

These shots are really designed for situations such as 'It's 3am and I am fed up of coffe, but still have 5 hours of my taxi driver shift left' or 'I want a boost to get me through Monday morning, and I refuse to pay £3,000 for a spiced pumpkin speciality latte made from Tibetan monk milk. 

Taste & Feeling Verdict

Taste is refreshing, but overall lacked any real punch. 

Final Verdict

I am half and half on this one if I am honest. 

The convenience factor with these does make these appealing, and it adds to my liking these, at least more than having to carry tubs of pre workout, or buying a Redbull or even a Monster. 

The ingredients list is basic, aimed at people who crave the feeling of an energy drink, more than the desire for a pre workout, but it is marketed as a BCAA Energy Shot, so Muscle Moose are selling these towards those who are into fitness, not just into staying awake longer to finish their essay. 

As such, I would class this product as something that can be useful in certain situations, as long as you are not a stim junkie who needs to get that next hit.

Buy a box, throw it in your cupboard and make sure you use them before they expire (in like 6 months). If you don't need the convenience of bottles then you may as well go for one of the many better things out there, such as Stim Max Pro or BuckedUp

Moose Juice - Energy Shot

£19.99 (Pack 12)

Ingredients Profile


Overall Effect


Cost Per Dosage


Flavour Profile



  • Convenient Little Bottles
  • Quite A Nice Taste
  • Something A Little Extra - I.e More Than An Energy Drink


  • It's Not Strictly A High Stim Pre Workout
  • Pretty Standard Ingredients List
  • A Few Underdosed Ingredients (Taurine)

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  1. I saw a few of these the other day, wasn’t sure about them

    Glad I found your review, maybe I will pick them up if they are cheap!

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