Warrior Rage Review

IngredientsSome staple ingredients such as Taurine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine.dosageCaffeine is the main stimulant and is dosed correctly. The rest falls short of the mark.PRICINGIt’s cheap.TASTE & FEELTastes really nice and you do get some results from it, but farm from the hype. Summary: A cheap pre workout that does taste really nice. You get a good […]

Performance Charge Review

IngredientsSome staple ingredients such as Taurine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine. On paper it sounds well rounded.  dosageThe main ingredient in here is the caffeine, with a decent amount and possibly some beta-alanine that might be dosed well..who knows. PRICINGIt’s cheap.TASTE & FEELTastes really nice, no obvious ‘feel’ and really can’t tell it has beta-alanine in it. Summary: A cheap […]

Scitec Nutrition Pow3rd 2.0 Review

IngredientsNothing that exciting and to be fair, not a true ‘high stim’ product.dosageUnder dosed or barely dosed, there is nothing special herePRICINGIt’s cheap, but there is a reason for that.TASTE & FEELSlightly peppery taste and no noticeable effect.Summary: A cheap pre workout with an under dose of Beta Alanine and an ok dose of caffeine. Probably […]

Sparta Nutrition KRAKEN Review

IngredientThe actual ingredients profile isn’t bad. You get 11 different ingredients, with the basic Caffeine, Beta Alanine and Taurine, as well as some more fun one such as HCL. dosageIt’s not a fully dosed product if you need to have 2 doses to achieve the optimal amount.  PRICINGIf you want a proper dose then you are […]

What Is Pre Workout?

It’s probably a good question to answer on a website devoted to different types of pre workout, today we will seek to answer the question, what is pre-workout and what are the different types of pre workout? Let’s start out with the first question, as it’s a fairly easy answer. Pre workout is a supplement, or product […]

ProSupps Mr Hyde Review

IngredientsThere are a number of ingredients that have been shown to work, but not in the dosage that they should be. dosageLinked to the Ingredient score. Most of the ingredients are well below the recommended dosages to be effective or useful.PRICINGFor around £26 a tub, with 30 servings, you are paying £0.85 a dose, but in […]

MuscleRage Limitless Review

IngredientsA good profile, with a number of supposedly useful ingredients, including caffeine, beta alanine and 2-Aminioisoheptane.dosageAs with the ingredient profile, the dosages in this pre workout are pretty much all ‘ properly’ dosed. PRICINGAround £30 for a 30 serving tub, so works out at £1 a scoop. So bang on the money really, can’t complain with […]

Strom Sports STIMUMAX Pro Review

IngredientsA simple, effective ingredients profile, with staple ‘stims’ as well as some more fun ones to play with.dosageAll ingredients are dosed as they should be. Full clinical doses. PRICINGPretty much the standard price for a pre workout, coming in at £1 per dose. TASTE & FEELThe only problem I had, was the flavour. After a while it […]

BioTech USA Black Blood Review

IngredientsAn odd assortment, mixing a ‘pump’ list with a ‘stim’ list. But a decent basic list of ingredients. Nothing fancy, but it works. dosageReally it’s the caffeine that does the heavy lifting in this pre workout, but they tell you that straight off the bat. Some well dosed, others not so much. But in all, not […]

Alpha DarkSide Review

IngredientsA simple and clean cut bunch of ingredients, thought it does also contain two ingredients that I don’t believe need to be in it.dosageWell dosed, with 250mg of what can only be described as heart pounding legal dynamite. You are getting some nicely dosed ingredients in this pre workout. PRICINGAn absolute steal. Even if you use […]