Sneak Gamer Energy

Sneak Energy Review Summary;


To be fair, if you want standard energy, you have it.


A lot of it is under-dosed, sadly.


Not a bad cost per serving.


Some pretty decent flavours!


  • It does do the one thing it needs to do, provided energy.
  • Having vits and minerals is not a bad idea, especially with certain target audiences.
  • Price per serving is quite good.


  • Some of the ingredients are under dosed 
  • There is nothing that shouts at you 'here is some energy!'

A something a little different, a zero sugar alternative to other energy drinks or powders. This will never replace a pre workout for me, but it can be used as a product to potentially getting you through a late night work session or a few hours gaming with friends. 

It seems that there is an ever growing market for ‘gamer energy’ products, which are essentially powders or drinks that will help provide that laser focused concentration, but without those horrible sugary additives that make us fat… it has nothing to do with the 9 domino pizzas or the countless Chinese takeaways that are devoured per week. 

From what I can tell, the majority of these newcomers have opted for the ‘natural energy’ approach, which is basically a new age way of saying we have less sugar than one of those ‘red bull things’ or ‘we don’t try and kill you with high amounts of weird stims’ like real pre workouts. 

Which is fair enough. 

So, Sneak and a few others have slowly started to make an appearance, plus I have gone searching ever since being told about them. They all seem to state they have developed a new age powder that made mortal beings into Thanos, ok they didn’t quite say that, but the overal impression I was given was that I could basically take on Hadrian and his elephants with nothing but a loin cloth and my todger.

I’m sorry, that’s a horrible image for someone to have to picture while they are sipping on their pre workout, forgive me. 

Ingredients - What's Inside?

Ok, I need to get back on topic.

Sneak Energy have decided that prop blends make the most sense for keeping the secret to how they can make people become super humans via the form of energy powders, which is kinda crap, but hey, it’s their choice, and they do at least provide the dosages for their ingredients, so I will be kind to them.

The energy blend is smashed into 3 main prop blends, to emphasise the fact they are aimed at gamers. Sneak Focus, Sneak Hydrate and Sneak Drive. 

Sneak Energy Review - Sneak Image

I guess it times to find out what's inside this product, it's always worth remembering that this blend is not for those who are trying to find the nuclear option for pre workouts, this is very much a product designed to rival monster energy or redbull, not crack or some unknown Chinese product we don't talk about because it will stop the cash flowing into this blog..


Dosage 1 Scoop

Sneak Focus


1500 mg


150 mg

L - Theanine

100 mg

L - Choline Biartate

100 mg


100 mg


120 ug

Sneak Hydrate


222 mg


145 mg


59 mg


51 mg

Sneak Drive


1006 mg

Vitamin c

82 mg



Vitamin B6

210 Ug

Sneak Focus

This first blend is designed to help you focus on that 18 foot tall alien beast from America. 


Not the first and it wont be the last time we see Tyrosine, added to pre workouts to help with alertness, as well as increasing stamina and general performance. 

As I have said in other reviews, Tyrosine is being looked into more in recent years and has been shown to increase alertness and under certain conditions improve your mental performance. A bit like a nootropic ingredient. 

There is a huge dose within this pre workout, much more than the 100 - 500mg that most places recommended. 

Odd really.


Is it even a gamer energy product if it doesn’t contain the best substance in the world, caffeine? 

Probably not to be fair. 

The total amount per dose is a moderate 150mg, which isn’t going to make you see colours when you close your eyes, and definitely won’t be keeping you up past your bedtime. 

It is slightly more than you would get in a regular can of energy, and of course a lot more than a good ol’ fashioned coffee. 


Moving onto more amino acids, Theanine, has shown to reduce blood pressure, as well as helping with concentration, especially when taken with caffeine. 

Chemicals and ingredients are being added to pre workouts these days to help improve what most people class as 'mind to muscle connection' or ways to help you find your inner Arnie.

L Choline Bitartrate

One ingredient that you wont find that often, but is becoming more popular. 

From the research and from the few people I have spoken too, it's added to help with inflammation, allowing you to carry on your workouts for a little longer.

It's one of those ingredients that I will be following and getting more info on in the coming weeks. 


Found naturally within our bodies,  L-Cartinine is a key chemical for our metabolism.

A lot of people supplement  L-Cartinine to help boost that metabolism, but unfortunately there is currently no solid evidence yet that it can actually help with fat loss or weight loss.  It semi depends on the paper you read and which piece of evidence you want to take. 

My assumption is that it's been added to Sneak to counter fatigue, unfortunately, there is nothing to show that this works. 

There is no recommended dosage for athletic performance, or fatigue, as there is simply not enough information. 


Vitamin B2 helps the body breakdown pizza and noodles into the thing that your body needs, energy. 

Taking 1mg per day is recommended,so again the 0.12mg you get in  here is not going to be breaking down that 18 slice pizza any time soon. 

Sneak Hydrate


A great way of increasing the ever important fluid levels within your body, as well as helping with the signals that your body sends around your different cells. 

A common trick that body builders and powerlifters use is to have water with sodium added just before workouts to help keep yourself hydrated.

Just ask Eddie Hall. 

Most doctors will recommend that we get about 2,000 mg per day, so 200mg is under dosed, but you should never get the whole lot from just one supplement. 

Possibly why other vitamins are around 10% - 20% of the total dosage. 


Moving onto electrolytes, another naturally occurring mineral for you, found in your food! If you are eating a fairly healthy diet, then you should be getting some decent amounts.

Think Bananas, they are a great source of potassium! 

Potassium is important for blood pressure, but also your water levels within your body. 


Want healthy and strong bones? 

Calcium is the thing that you need! 

You should be hitting around 500 - 900mg a day of calcium, again a lot of this should come from your food, and you should not have to rely on supplements to be hitting the majority of that dosage. 

The 59mg found in here is not going to push you over the edge, but it will help top your levels up if you are potentially missing any. 


Sneak Drive


Don’t worry, it’s no longer made from the undersides of those big angry things you find in farmers’s synthetically made.

Taurine has been added to energy drinks and powders, for as long as they have existed.

It has one main purpose and that is to counter some of the less fun aspects of caffeine, mainly those annoying jitters and shakes that you get. 

Sneak have added in a fairly hefty chunk, considering the dose of Caffeine. You will be getting a full 1,000mg within your serving. 

Vitamin C

We are starting to get into the vitamins (well, we had the minerals earlier, so this makes sense!).

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that has had just about every single possible ailment tied too it, stating that it can cure it. Including Cancer. The guy who decided this, died of Cancer. Let that sink in for a second...

Now, Vitamin C does look to help with things like reducing your blood pressure, it can help with high cholesterol and may even help with shortening your cold...but that’s really about it.

It mainly looks to have been added in as a nice addition for those who may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet.


The second in the series of this Vitamin mix, Nicotinamide, or B3 is usually used, or partly used to help those who are starting to have age related issues or diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some liver diseases. 

Currently, there is not enough research to suggest that they are actually helping with these diseases.

My guess is that Sneak have added this in to go alongside the Vitamin C to potentially help with blood pressure or cholesterol levels, but again there is insufficient evidence at present that backs this up.  

Vitamin B6

As with the others, Vitamin B6 doesn’t equal energy or the ability to concentrate, but it is needed for the everyday running of your body. 

Most people will get vitamin B6 and even Vitamin C from their everyday diet, so as with Vitamin C, it’s been added along with the rest to bolster the target audiences vitamin and mineral levels.  

Ingredients Verdict

I am on the fence about this, there are a lot of ingredients, you have the staple ones designed to help provide energy, but most of the 

Pricing (Plus Price Per Serving)

As with other parts of this Sneak review, I am going to put it up against products that are similar, rather than ones that have 300 different ingredients, or have some heavy hitting costly ingredients. 

Each tub of Sneak Energy is going to set you back £40, for 40 servings. 

This is inline with buying a can of Monster or a can of RedBull, and I would say it’s actually cheaper in some cases (well, most cases, especially if you happen to be in a WHSmiths, in which case it will set you back £4,000 per can).

You are getting a bit more for your money if you compare with those types of drinks, as you do get the added benefit of a slightly higher caffeine dose, a higher taurine dose and the added extra of that little vitamin and mineral boost. 

Sneak Energy will put you out of pocket for £1 per serving, which is perfect for those who are going to be doing a late night gaming, up creating videos or even sitting by a pool in Corfu writing reviews about supplements.

Pricing Verdict

At £1 per serving, you are basically in line with the can version of this type of product. I would say slightly better value for money, plus you don't have to have 40 cans sitting around.  

How Does It Taste & Feel?

Because I didn’t fancy having a tub of this stuff sitting around, as it was never going to replace the pre workouts I had sitting at home, I opted for one of their Taster Packs (it came with a shaker, we all need more shakers in our lives). 

The taster pack was made up of 5 different sachets, again I opted for the pack that offered different flavours, rather than just having the standard single flavour. 

In the pack, I got Stealth, Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherrybomb and Tropikilla. You have to give them some credit, some of the names are a little different, especially something like Stealth, or Purple storm which don’t really give you any idea of what they might contain. 

Sneak Energy Review - Sneak taster Pack

I will admit that Stealth was possibly one of my favourite flavours, whatever it happens to be closely followed by Cherrybomb, but then again I have also been a sucker for cherry flavoured sweets and drinks. As long as it’s artificial cherry, none of that real cherry stuff. I’m not a heathen. 

The overall effect, you can probably guess is not going to come up against something like Ghost, StimuMax or a big hitter such as Atomic Bomb, but it does stand up against products that are similar too it, such as Monster, RedBull or some of the cheap ones like Kick, RedStar or Lightning Balls(I may have strayed into cheap beer). 

You do get a little kick from the caffeine, especially if you have taken a little break from the heavier ones, or if you only ever have energy drinks as a way of getting through this thing we like to call life. 

 The hydrate part of this concoction doesn’t seem to have any obvious effect, but then I didn’t think it would stand up and shout ‘You are now hydrated good sir!’ at me, so it guess you just have to believe that the mix of vits and mins are doing what they say they are (though breaking them down doesn’t really give you much faith)

Taste & Feeling Verdict

Tastes alright, nothing magical, but it does do as it says on the tin, it works. 

Final Verdict

I am going to go out on a limb here, and say that yes, Sneak is worth it, if you are trying to cut down on your plastic/metal use, not wanting to have 40 cans sitting around in the basement or if you just fancy something a little different to get you through your college essay, gaming session or even helping you stare at a computer screen while your video renders itself. 

If you are after something to smash before going for a workout, then hey it’s going to be as good as something such as MyPre and some of the awful products I have done in the past (such as Beast) and probably a slightly better dosage as well. 

Sneak Energy Pre Workout


Ingredients Profile


Overall Effect


Cost Per Dosage


Flavour Profile



  • Decent Flavour Profile
  • It Has Got Caffeine
  • Pricing Is On Pa With Similar Products


  • Some Of The Ingredients Are Underdosed

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