What Is Pre Workout?

It's probably a good question to answer on a website devoted to different types of pre workout, today we will seek to answer the question, what is pre-workout and what are the different types of pre workout?

Let's start out with the first question, as it's a fairly easy answer.

Pre workout is a supplement, or product that is taken before you decide to do your workout. Pretty much as it says on the tin!

It can come in a number of different forms, usually sold in powder, as most supplements are. It's one of the easiest and cost effective ways of buying your pre workout. 

You can also purchase them as RTD's(Ready To Drink) in small plastic shot bottles, or in larger cans and bottles designed to provide you with a nice beverage to consume over a few minutes. 

Types of Pre Workout

These days, pre workouts will fall into 2 main categories;

  • Stimulant Pre Workout
  • Non Stimulant Pre Workout

They can then also be broken into;

  • Low Stim
  • High Stim

But that only happens if you are really into supplements and pre-workouts (you know, like me).

What Are Non Stimulant Pre Workouts?

The stimulant part of pre workouts is usually classed as the caffeine part, or it was for a long time. 

These days other stimulants such as DMHA or DMAA have made their way into pre workouts, and non-stim types are designed not to include them. 

They are great for people with low caffeine tolerances, or those who train late at night or already have 15 cups of coffee when they are at work! 

Non-Stim pre-workout will typically be sold as 'pump' products, as they will contain ingredients designed to increase blood flow around the body as a way of getting you ready for the gym!

Typically you will see higher level of citriline mallate, or glycerol, though again you have started to see these types of ingredients in 'normal' supplements. 

What Are Stimulant Pre Workouts?

You can probably guess that they are the opposite of the non stim brothers, and you are correct. 

Traditionally containing 250mg or more of caffeine with the addition of other ingredients such as Beta Alanine (the skin crawly one) for 'low stim' and then more recently DMHA / DMAA or any number of new things that are being played around with for the heavy hitting 'high stim' pre workouts. 

Most of the time they are used to give you short bursts of energy with the added effects of focus and that 'switched on' feeling.

Some of them can make your heart race like the clappers or just allow you to become super focused, whatever it does if it makes you feel ready to smash a workout it will probably fall under Stim workouts.

There is currently no set rule or definition of what a high or low stim pre workout is, so here at StimJunkie I try to be fairly all inclusive to give people a bit of a range!

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